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The primary use of for this discovery demonstrates a model for rapid major discoveries in developing countries (DC) by local populations; & lucrative opportunities for global Investors to rapidly secure great equity @low rates; aid locals consolidate their discoveries & together earn unprecedented profits e.g. from the imminent Uranium price recovery (in this case) in a manner that truly empowers DCs!

Local shareholders and contributors include:

*  Etienne Weakle

*  Frans Mushimba

*  Jaco Mulder

*  George Kamati

*  Mikka Asino Natangwe

*  Shoopala Mbwalala

*  Elizabeth Asino-Joseph

*  Isabella Kakuyaha

*  Ebson Katjirua

NNC is indebted to the invaluable free advise and assitance from eg.:

Prof Mapani, Prof Gabi Schneider, Mr John Borshoff, Prof Fan Honghai, Imanuael Shilongo, Simon Shanyengana, Dr Sun Yuanqiang, Martin Hirsch, and uncountable others. 

Dr. Elias S. Shanyengana
P.O. Box 4418

Mobile: +264-811-49 7777