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This discovery made merely through ingenious use of freely-available Google Earth by the lead developer demonstrates opportunities for local populations in developing countries that could be employed to rapidly discover own resources with own meagre finances and only invite global players to add value whilst maintaining significant local equity desirable for meaningful sustainable industrialization and the desired socio-economic emancipation of developing economies in a manner that benefits locals (See lead developer's book with same title for similar examples in other sectors on AMAZON).

BELOW - IMAGE OF SURFACE & SUBSURFACE URANIUM MINERALISATION demonstrates the potential to cheaply mine Alaskite outcropts; and also to increase average Uranium grade with more drilling to above 400 ppm (max thus far @ 2720 ppm); tonnage of main deposit to 300,000 tonnes; 400,000 tonnes for total NNC acreage and > 500,000 tonnes for the author's proposed NUC Conglomerate above:

Images of independent plots and evaluations of our data by eg.; CNNC Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geolog as well as Cobra Resources' Daniel Bloor; & projected increment of garde and total tonnage with more drilling as evidenced by our spaced-out drilling covering the reminder >85% area outside the current resource estimate grid - showing on average 3 - 4x (and often 5 - 12x) more uranium mineralization in the rest of the area and subsequent increment anticipated in Uranium grade and tonnage than currently recorded.

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